Campaign API

API Trigger Element [POST]

The API trigger element allows you to add new or existing contacts to your campaign. Each trigger element has it's own unique API URL which you can find at the elements settings dialog.  

To avoid duplicates, a probability algorithm is used to chek for already existing contacts. If the submitted contact already exists, submitted fields will overwrite existing contact fields.

Request Parameter Required Requirements Description
Contact fields Yes object

Contact object must contain either a valid mail field or a full address including the following fields: first_name, family_name, ba_street, ba_city, ba_postal_code. You can also push an existing contact by providing only the contact ID.

A list of all available contact fields can be found here


POST https://<system_id>.<server_id><cb_id> HTTP/1.1

Request body Example 1:

  "mail": "",
  "first_name" : "John",
  "family_name" : "Doe",

Request body Example 2:

  "id" : 123


  "id": 123