Reset Campaign

The "Reset campaign" action element is available to you starting from the Basic Account. The function is self-explanatory: you reset contacts within a campaign so that they can go through it again.

Please note: we recommend that you connect the element to an event element.

Use case: Repeat automated appointment scheduling

Let's assume you've set up automated appointment scheduling. However, the contact missed the appointment and is supposed to make another one. In order for them to go through the campaign again, they need to be reset for the campaign.

Implementation is as follows:

  • First of all, you create a new contact field for the type "Date with time". You can read how to do that here.
  • This is where the interface to Zapier or even Integromat comes into play. You now need to create a Zap or a scenario to connect, e.g. Calendly and Quentn. In the Zap or scenario, you define the fields that should be transferred. Important ones include the name, the email address, the date with time AND, don't forget, a tag, e.g. "Appointment made".
  • So now when someone signs up with Calendy, the contact is automatically sent to Quentn and gets the tag "Appointment made".
  • At the same time, you ask in several emails that the appointment be made. The sequence ends as soon as the goal is reached and the tag "Appointment made" is assigned (see image 2, no. 1+2)
  • Connect the event element with another sequence for confirmation of the appointment (see image 2, no. 3)
  • In the email you can then use the placeholder for the date and time of the appointment.
  • Then you can use the "Date timer" element in the sequence and set it so that shortly before the appointment (e.g. 1 hour before), another email is sent to remind the contact of their upcoming appointment (see image 3)

But what if you can't reach the contact?

  • You start with the event element "Tag(s) changed" and react to the assignment of the tag "Not reached" (see image 2, no. 4)
  • To allow the contact to go through the previous sequence again, the "Reset campaign" element is now used (see image 2, no. 5)
  • At the same time, you should withdraw the "Appointment made" tag from it using the action element you are connecting (see image 2, no. 6)
  • Start a new sequence in which you send an email indicating that unfortunately you couldn't reach them and that they're welcome to make a new appointment with you. Then the link to the appointment tool will be used again (see image 2, no. 7)
  • As soon as the contact makes a new appointment, they enter the confirmation reminder loop.
  • After you publish the campaign, you need to manually assign the "Not reached" tag to the contact who missed the appointment.