Sequence: Date timer

With the date timer you can determine on which date, and at what time, your emails should be sent. You can choose whether you want to react to a fixed date, a date transferred from a contact field or a birthday.

Fixed date

Would you like to send an email on a certain day (e.g. a certain celebration, an anniversary, Christmas...), and at a certain time? If so, choose the fixed date.

For example:

In a Christmas campaign, all contacts that come into the sequence during the year wait for the timer set for 24.12/12pm. The email will be sent exactly at this time to all contacts who are on the element up till then.

Behaviour when the date has expired

Of course, you can also specify what to do with the contacts once the date has expired:

If you select "Stop", no more emails will be sent to new contacts after the limit has been exceeded. This makes sense if you are sending event-related emails, as you wish to prevent people ending up in the campaign even though the event is over.

If you select "Next", new contacts will also move to the next element after the date expires.

Date from contact field

You can also respond to data from contact fields. Perhaps the contact has registered for a webinar - in the contact field, the date and time are transferred to Quentn. You can now set an email reminder, for example, to be sent to the contact one hour before the webinar starts.

If you have only a specific date but no time in the contact field, Quentn will assume 0:00.

Date of birth

You can now also react to birthdays, as long as the date is stored. The contact has indicated their birthday and you may wish to congratulate them. Please check the box "Ignore year" (the contact's year of birth is in the past, but you might want to congratulate them this year).

Behaviour when the date has expired

If the specified date has already passed, contacts are either stopped or forwarded directly.

Behaviour with an empty field

If the contact field is empty, contacts are either stopped or forwarded directly.

Attention: Timer settings

Please note that the timers always use the target date/time that was set for the element when the contact was made. If you make changes, e.g. shorten the waiting time, this change only applies to contacts who enter the element afterwards. The other contacts already waiting will receive the next email at the time originally set.