The dashboard

Once you have logged into your host, the dashboard will appear. This is where you can see the success of your email marketing. This is what the key figures tell you:

Contact statistics

The contact statistics give you an overview of the growth of your contacts.

New subscriptions

How many new contacts have subscribed AND completed the double opt-in process during the defined period (10 days, 1 month or 2 months)? This is important because this graphic only takes into account the contacts to whom you are allowed to send emails.


This key figure tells you how many of your emails did not successfully arrive in the recipient's inbox. Bounced contacts are automatically blocked by Quentn in order to keep your delivery rate and sender reputation as high as possible.

You can read more about the different email statuses here.

Subscription cancellations

Subscription cancellations show how many contacts have unsubscribed from your newsletter in the previously defined period.


The upper key figure indicates absolute growth, i.e. all new contacts (including imports) minus the contacts lost due to subscription cancellations or bounces.

The bottom figure shows the ratio between "new contacts" and the total number.

Email Statistics

The email statistics provide you with an overview of whether your emails are being received.

Emails sent

Nice and simple: The number of emails sent.

Emails per contact

This key figure tells you how many emails you send on average per contact. It is calculated as follows: the number of emails sent divided by the total number of contacts.

Open rate

The open rate reveals how many recipients actually opened your emails.

Please note that open rates can never be tracked 100% accurately.

The prerequisite for a system to recognise whether an email has been opened is that the recipient loads all images. Whether an email was opened can only be detected if the tracking pixel is loaded. For this reason, this figure should only serve as an estimate - your open rate may actually be higher.

The open rate is calculated by dividing the number of times an email was opened by the number of emails sent.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate shows how many people have clicked on a link in your email. The number of emails clicked on is divided by the number of emails sent.