Explanation of terms

Explanation of terms

Action element: You can use action elements to control the campaign flow, i.e. the internal program logic.

API: API stands for application programming interface.

Code snippet: Code snippets are small HTML code blocks that you can use, for example, to embed your quentn form on your website.

Double opt-in (DOI): Is an explicit consent procedure where the end customer must expressly confirm advertising communication in advance by email. Without this procedure, you run the risk of being sent a payment reminder with an obligation to pay.

Event element: Whenever an external event occurs, an event element is triggered. For example, a user fills out a form and Quentn receives the data.

Landing page: A website page that is specially designed for an advertising campaign. Sometimes landing page and squeeze page are used synonymously.

Squeeze page: A subpage of a website with the goal of acquiring marketable email addresses.

Tags: Tags are virtual notepads that can be used to provide users with keywords that can be taken into account later in the program sequence.