With the notification function, you can be informed by email or via the browser about events such as new form entries or product sales. 

Notifications are organised in an event subscription model. That means that you first decide which events in your campaign should trigger a notification. You or your users can then individually subscribe to the notifications created. This way, you decide which notifications should be delivered to whom and by what means. 

Currently, Quentn offers two delivery methods for notifications: 

1. Notifications via email

You will receive an email to the email address connected to your account. This email contains a short summary of the title of the notification and the contacts involved in the notification (e.g. name and email address of the person who filled out a particular form). 

2. Notifications via push notification

You will receive a notification directly to your browser or as a notification on your mobile device. Please note that Apple iPhones do not currently support this feature.