Manage subscriptions

To manage new and existing notifications, click on the menu Notifications -> Manage subscriptions. Here you will find a list of all previously created notifications. You can now subscribe to new notifications or change settings for existing subscriptions. 

Here everyone will only see the notifications that they have created themselves, or the notifications to which they have access. Only the administrator has access to all notifications and can also manage subscriptions for their users. 

If you wish to edit a notification, click on the blue pencil icon to the right of the displayed notification. Now you can carry out the following settings:

Notifications via email

Check this box if you wish to be notified by email. You are also able to set the interval at which the emails should arrive. This prevents you from being permanently "bombarded" and means that you only receive new notification emails every 5 minutes at the most. 

Notifications via a browser

If necessary, select other browsers on which the notifications should appear. You can also set the maximum interval at which notifications are sent to you.