Set up notification

You are free to decide at which point in your campaign a notification should be triggered (e.g. after a form entry). To do this, drag the action element "Notify user" to the campaign editor and position it at the desired location.

  • Edit the settings of the notification element by double-clicking on the element. 
  • Give the notification a title. The title should be as memorable as possible, and include the reason for the notification, e.g. "New newsletter subscription". 
  • Click on Next.

Notification settings

Quick subscription 

Under the setting "Quickly subscribe", you have the option to immediately subscribe your own user account for notifications. In addition to subscribing by email, you will also receive a selection of your already connected browsers.

Restrict users

Under the setting "Allowed users", you determine who is allowed to subscribe to the notification. Here you will get a list of all created user accounts on your Quentn system. If you activate "All", all users (including future users) can subscribe to the notification. 

Use existing notification 

You may wish to use similar notifications, such as product purchase notifications, at multiple points in one or more campaigns. This can quickly affect the clarity of your news subscriptions. Therefore, it is a good idea to use thematically similar notifications several times:

  • Edit the settings of the new notification element by double-clicking on the element. 
  • Select the existing notification in the first step. 

If you select a pre-existing notification, no further settings are necessary. They are taken from the existing notification.