User management

With user management, you have the option (only when using a Pro account) to create and assign roles to different users of your account. This grants certain contacts limited access.

This requires two steps:

  1. Create & define roles (who may do what?)
  2. Create users and assign roles

Create rolls

Click on the "Scroll" tab under the "Settings" menu item. Here you will be able to create and define up to 5 different roles.

There are some default settings available, which you can apply by clicking on the corresponding button. You can also select or deactivate functions as you wish.

However, some functions cannot be selected (those highlighted in orange) because they are important and increase the overall functionality.

Once you have changed these settings, click on "Save".

Create users

Now click on the tab "All Users" under the menu item "Settings" and click on the green button "Add user".

Then enter the user's name and a valid email address and assign a role to the user.

Click on "Save".

The user will then receive an email with a link that initially allows them to access their account once. The user must now enter a password of their choice.

Please note: The created user can only log in using the link to the host specified in the email. Only the admin, i.e. the owner of the Quentn account, can log in via 

The administrator can see the login URL for their sub-users in the user overview. They can copy the URL and make it available to the users in case they have accidentally deleted the email with just one click.

Personalise profile 

The user can personalise their profile after they have logged in for the first time and set their password. They can either choose an icon color or upload a profile picture.

Assign contacts to different owners

Sometimes it makes sense to assign certain contacts to employees: e.g. an employee has left the company and their contacts have to be split up, etc....

To assign contacts, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the contact overview and filter out the corresponding contact.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the contact to edit it.
  • Under the menu item "Owner", you can now assign the contact to the corresponding employee.

Share campaigns with specific users

Perhaps you want to release a campaign to a new employee? Proceed as follows:

  • Click on "Campaigns" to get to the overview.
  • Click on Actions -> Edit for the corresponding campaign.
  • Select the user for whom the campaign should be activated.