Introduction to Drag & Drop Editor

The new Drag & Drop Editor makes things much easier and more intuitive for you. You can now easily design your newsletters by dragging and dropping text and/or image blocks into your newsletter. This way, using graphical templates finally becomes child's play.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to activate the drag & drop editor

In the future, you'll always have the option to switch between the classic editor and the Drag & Drop Editor.

  • Log into your Quentn system.
  • Go to Emails → Editor
  • Select the Drag & Drop Editor

Now you can try out the new editor to your heart's content.

Please note: The Drag & Drop Editor will be activated for future emails. If you also want to edit the emails you created with the classic editor, you'll have to recreate these emails and copy & paste the content. ATTENTION: The placeholders in the Drag & Drop Editor are in the format {{...}} and not, as in the classic editor, in [...]. You may need to adjust the placeholders.

Best workflow in full screen

The best way to work with the Drag & Drop Editor is to activate the full screen mode. This way, everything is actually displayed and you have an overview of your newsletter. To activate the full screen mode, please click on the blue button on the left-hand side above the template, called "Full screen".

The unsubscribe link

The unsubscribe link at the end of each email cannot be deleted or edited. This is how we ensure legally compliant email marketing. In the email templates, you will see it as {{unsubscribe_block}}.

Design changes

If you don't like the design of this block because it doesn't match the rest of your newsletter, please contact us ( and we'll customise the section for you.

Dynamic unsubscribe link

If you're writing in German, you can now choose between the formal Sie and the more informal Du. Below each email you no longer only have the option to send yourself a test email; there's also an additional field in which you can select the text for unsubscribing. There is currently only the choice between the Du/Sie variant; in the future there will be more texts.

Creating your own versions is only possible on request and starting from the Pro account.

Legal notice

According to section 5 of the German Telemedia Act (TMG), it is obligatory for commercial internet sites and commercial emails to have an email legal notice in the email signature - a link to the legal notice is not sufficient.

In order to provide you with legally compliant email marketing, you cannot send emails with a legal notice. This is generated as usual via the placeholders, which obtain information from the data you have stored.

More information

...can be found in our news about the Drag & Drop Editor.