Affilicon is a German payment provider that also acts as an affiliate program network. You can connect Affilicon and Quentn with any Quentn plan.

To connect your account to Quentn, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Create campaign

  • Edit an existing campaign or create a new one.
  • Create an event element with the type affilicon.
  • Open the settings of the element and open a new tab.

Step 2: Integration with Affilicon

  • Log into your Affilicon account.
  • Select a product and click on "Edit".
  • In the pop-up that now appears, you'll find the menu item "Connections", which you should click on.
  • Now click on "Add new connection" and select Quentn under "Application type".
  • Enter the IPN password under "Authorization Code" and the IPN URL under "Your Quentn Domain", each of which can be found in your Quentn account in the event element.
  • Click on "Add" and "Save".