Digistore24 describes itself as a "reseller-based online sales solution for digital products and events". It acts as the reseller between the product vendor and customer. Integration with this popular payment provider is not only child's play; it's also possible with any Quentn tariff.

Step1: Create IPN

  • In your Quentn account, click on My Account API Info.
  • Click on the Digistore24 Accounts tab and on Add Account.
  • Enter a name for your account.
  • Log into Digistore24. Once you've done this, you'll be redirected back to Quentn immediately.

Step 2: Determine product(s) and events

  • Go to your Campaigns.
  • Drag and drop the Digistore24 event element onto the Q-board.
  • Double click on the element to open it and select an account.
  • Now you can select your product(s) and determine the event for which the element should react.

Step 3: Email status of buyer

  • Tick the box Use Digistore's newsletter consent checkbox (if available). Now the email addresses of new contacts will be automatically set to "Confirmed" if they've agreed to receive newsletters on Digistore24.
  • If this checkbox is not there, you can resort to the second option by ticking Confirm email address. If this is ticked, the contact's email address will be set to "Confirmed".

Step 4: Field assignments

  • You have the option to assign the affiliate name, order ID and invoice link fields.

IPN overview

Quentn Digistore German Digistore English Digistore explanation
Payment (default) Zahlung payment The buyer makes a successful payment.
Refund Rückgabe refund The seller's support team or Digistore24 has initiated a refund, which has been successfully processed.
Chargeback Rücklastschrift chargeback The credit card company has issued a chargeback.
Payment missed Ausgefallene Abzahlung (1) payment_missed

A payment is missing for a subscription or installment. The reason may be that the payment failed (after a few attempts) or the rebilling was cancelled by the buyer. Please note that an "on_payment" event can occur if the buyer successfully makes a payment after the "on_payment_missed" event.

Subscription payment failed Abo/Ratenzahlung gekündigt rebill_cancelled

Sent when the customer cancels a subscription or installment and the support operator stops the payments. The buyer has requested cancellation of their recurring purchase (subscription or installment). This event is sent immediately when a support team member clicks the "Stop payments" button in the order details. A few days later (when the payment is due but not yet completed), your "on_payment_missed" event will be sent.

Subscription payment resumed Abo/Ratenzahlung wieder aufgenommen rebill_resumed The buyer has requested to resume the chargeback payments. This event is sent when a support team member clicks the "Resume payments" button in the order details.
Last payment Bezahlte Zeit zu Ende last_paid_day The last paid day of the order has passed. The event is usually shipped early in the morning.


The Failed payment event is sent whenever a payment is due but couldn't be made. The following reasons for this are possible:

  • The product was returned
  • The payment was charged back
  • The subscription was cancelled
  • The payment failed (e.g. because the credit card is overdrawn).

The Failed payment event is often sent again a few days after one of the other events.