elopage is a platform for creating and selling digital products, access areas, tickets, online courses, software etc. quickly and easily. elopage includes all major payment methods, contents delivery, customer and user management, course and member areas, and automated processes such as invoicing and tax calculation.

Integrating elopage with Quentn is possible with any Quentn tariff. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Create IPN

  • In your Quentn account, click on Settings -> API Info.
  • Click on the elopage Accounts tab and then on Add Account.
  • Enter a name for your account.
  • To get the "Key" and "Secret", log into elopage (preferably in a new tab by clicking Ctrl+T or Command+T).
  • Click on Apps Integrations and select elopage API.
  • Copy the key and secret and paste them into Quentn.
  • Click on Save.

Step 2: Assign a webhook to the product

  • Go to your elopage account. Select the desired product under "Products" and edit it.
  • Under "Other", make sure that the webhook automatically generated by Quentn is active for your product. Under "Webhook Endpoints", you must either select "All Endpoints" or the one belonging to your Quentn host.

Step 3: Determine product(s) and events

  • Go to your campaigns.
  • Drag and drop the elopage event element onto the whiteboard.
  • Open the element by double clicking on it, select an account and click on Next.
  • Now you can select your product(s) and determine the event for which the element should react.
  • Please note that both checkboxes are set in the contact settings (for Confirm User Email and Create Contact)