Classic Email Editor

If you use different templates for your emails or simply wish to prepare an email ahead of time, you can create templates for it. 

We have already prepared a few templates for you with dummy text under the menu item Emails -> Templates, to which you will only need to make slight changes. Of course, you can also create your own templates. 

Create drafts from existing templates


  • For your desired template, click on Actions -> Create new on the right-hand side.
  • Under Title, you can name your template so that you can find it again quickly in the future. 
  • Edit the template as you wish. Please note that you must include a legal notice. 

Create your own templates 

To create your own templates, you must have knowledge of HTML or have someone with the appropriate qualifications to help you. 


  • Click on New Template and then on Source Code in the editor. 
  • Enter your template's code. 
  • Optionally, under Advanced Settings you can: 
    • Specify style information under CSS. 
    • Specify information for the header of the email under Header. 

Info: Graphic templates have their cons!

  • They demand a large amount of data. As a result, the emails are more likely to end up in the spam folder where they shouldn't be. 
  • There are studies that prove that emails with graphic templates are opened fewer times on average as they look like adverts. 
  • A lower open rate results in a worse reputation. 
  • The graphic templates are displayed differently for each recipient because each email provider has its own settings. An email may look different in "Outlook" in comparison to Apple's "Mail"
  • If you copy existing templates from other programs or from your previous provider, there may still be tracking pixels in the code. 
  • If you use links to images, make sure that the images are in a location that you can control. For example, if you copy a template from your previous provider and the image is located on that provider's server, the image may no longer be available after your cancellation. (Just because an image is displayed does not mean that the image is also stored in the email!).