Verifying your own domain

Before you get started, we would like to give you some information: 

  • Although verifying your domain is recommended for Quentn users, it is an optional step!
  • To verify your domain, you must carry out the Name server settings (DNS) on your domain. If you don't know where to find the DNS settings on your domain, contact your domain service or ask an online specialist. 

Step 1: Create the domain

  • In the menu, click on Email on the item Verified domains. 
  • Click on the button + Create domain.
  • Enter your domain here and click on Create.

Step 2: Verify the domain

  • In the overview of the verified sender domains for the domain you just created, click on Actions -> Verification info. 
  • You will now be shown DNS entries. Open a new tab and log into your host (e.g. 1&1 or GoDaddy etc...) and go to the corresponding menu item to carry out the two TXT records (SPF and DKIM). 
  • Log into your domain and open the DNS settings. 
  • Insert the DNS records. 
  • If the domain has been verified, a note will appear in the overview of your verified sender domains.