Where can I view emails I have sent?

If you have already sent the email, there are two options to view it again:

1. Email overview 

Click on the menu item "Emails" and you will be taken directly to the email overview. Here you can view all emails that you've sent and, if you wish, sort them by campaign emails, newsletters and scheduled newsletters.

You can also see when you created and last sent the email, how many contacts it was sent to and how many opens and link clicks there were. By clicking on "Details", you'll get a small statistical analysis of the email in question.

2. Contact history

Perhaps you want to track which emails a certain contact has received. If so, go to your contact overview and click on the pencil symbol on the right of the corresponding contact. Click on "History" to view the contact history (available in Basic tariff). You can now see in detail when the contact performed which action: when they received an email, when they opened it, when they clicked on which link, which day, etc.... You can view the emails by clicking on "View" - seeing the emails exactly as the contact saw them (including filled in placeholders).