Import contacts .

CSV Import Guidelines

In your own interest, we ask you to take this information seriously. Otherwise, it can easily lead to unexpected results and unnecessary additional work.

Character set

Please make sure that the file was saved in the correct character set. The quentn system expects UTF-8 and will therefore treat the existing data as such. If you do not know which character set you are using, look at the umlauts and special characters. If you are using the wrong character set, these will usually be displayed incorrectly. For example, a Mr. Müller would quickly become Müller. This looks unattractive and unprofessional.

Names and salutation

To ensure your import is successful, the salutation, title, first and last name must be in a separate column. Depending on the system from which the data comes, this is not always guaranteed. Different data is often in the same column or cell. Here are some examples of this:



John Smith


Mr. Smith

Mr. John Smith

Mr. Smith

Mr. Dr. John Smith

Dipl. Ing. (FH) John Smith

John-Charles Smith

John Charles Smith

John Smith-Wright

John Smith Wright

The list could be continued. If you used the complete character string as the salutation in an email, this would normally not be a problem. However, the full range of the software's functions cannot be used in this way, as information such as gender is lost.

Spreadsheet software such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc usually offers the possibility of splitting a column's content using a separator, resulting in several columns. If the above example were to be separated by spaces, it would look like this:

John Smith      
Mr. Smith      
Mr. John Smith    
Mr. Smith      
Mr. Dr. John Smith  
Dipl. Ing. (FH) John Smith
John-Charles Smith      
John Charles Smith    
John Smith-Wright      
John Smith Wright    


...and that leads to the next problem:

Moving columns

In the graphic shown, it is no longer possible to assign any of the columns. Neither first name, last name nor salutation are in the same column. This would lead to chaos when importing.

It would not only "disturb" names and salutation, but also affect all the following columns. If the email address cannot be assigned correctly, the entire contact will be "lost".

Multiple email addresses in one row

From time to time, especially with business contacts, there are several contact persons in one record. If the export is not clean, this can lead to several email addresses ending up in one row, either in the same column or in different ones. In the former case, the entire row would be invalid because the cell under consideration - which should only contain one email address - no longer corresponds to the pattern of a valid address. In the latter case, only the address, which is located in the correct column, would be used. The others would be lost.

Bounces, spam and unsubscribed contacts

Some providers automatically export all contacts, regardless of their status, to the same file and indicate the cancellation date or that the contact has "bounced" in one of the columns. If you want to import contacts into Quentn, please remove all contacts that either:

  • Have bounced (hard and soft bounces), i.e. errors occur when attempting delivery
  • Have marked us as spam
  • Have already unsubscribed from the list.

You are not allowed to send emails to any of these contacts. If you do, it is almost certain that the delivery attempt will fail and your sender reputation will suffer. This will have a negative impact on emails sent in the future, including emails sent to other contacts.

Checklist for successful imports

  • Save your CSV file with the UTF-8 character set.
  • Make sure that the salutation, title and first and last name are in a separate column. By the way, this data is all you need to create a contact! The email address is not necessary if you can enter the full name and address.
  • Make sure that there is no movement of columns in individual rows.
  • Ensure there is only one email address per row.
  • Remove all contacts from the CSV file that have a status preventing them from being written to in the first place (spam, bounces, subscription cancellations).
  • Please note that in the salutation column, "f" stands for a woman and "m" for a man.


In the menu, go to Contacts and Import.

ATTENTION: Did a double opt-in occur?

You are only allowed to perform email marketing to contacts who have granted you their explicit permission (double opt-in)! For this reason, we cannot approve email addresses for which the recipient has not granted their consent (double opt-in). The particularly applies to generic addresses beginning with "office@" oder "info@".

Step by step:

  • Select a CSV file with your contacts.
  • Determine a field separator (comma, semicolon etc.)
  • Assign columns to contact fields and tags.
  • Answer the questions truthfully.


If your contacts are not yet in CSV format, open them with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc. If necessary, remove columns for which there is no corresponding contact field in Quentn. You can see which contact fields are available in Quentn by editing an existing contact or creating a new one.

Certain contact fields, such as tags or date fields, must be in your table in a specific format in order for Quentn to import them correctly. If certain columns in your record are not in the desired format, you can often modify them using the replace function in your spreadsheet program.

Special fields


Tags must be listed in a single column for each record (row). The separator used here should either be a comma, semicolon, colon or space.

Example record with tags
Last name First name Email Tags
Smith John E-book buyers, Bath additives interest, IM Event 2017

Date fields

Date fields (e.g. for the contact field "Date of birth") must always be in the ISO 8601 format. Example: "2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00" or "2004-02-12".

Country field

Countries must be entered in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format. Example: "DE" for Germany or "IT" for Italy.

Salutation field

The salutation field also determines the gender of the contact in Quentn. This is useful, e.g. for automatic gender-specific salutations in emails. However, only a single letter may be used here: "F" for women and "M" for men.

Example record with salutation
Last name First name Email Salutation
Smith John m
Wright Julie f

Save your record in the "CSV" file format. If possible, make sure that the file encoding is in the UTF-8 format and that the separator is either a comma or a semicolon.

  1. Import: Click on Contacts Import in the main menu and begin uploading your CSV file.

  2. Select a separator: If you know the separator used in your CSV file, select it under Advanced CSV Options. Tip: MS-Excel uses a semicolon in the German version, LibreOffice Calc uses a common (default).

  3. Assign tags (optional): You have the possibility to assign tags to the contacts you want to import. This is especially useful if you want to import multiple CSV records, each of which belongs to different customer groups.

  4. Assign fields and columns: Since Quentn does not know which column of your table belongs to which contact field, you must now assign these fields. Quentn will show you the first 10 records of each column in a separate window. Can you see the individual columns of your table? If not, click on Previous and select a different separator. Now assign the individual columns to the corresponding contact fields. Please note that you should assign email addresses to the Primary Email field.

  5. Fill out the survey: If you plan to send emails to the contacts you want to import, click "Yes" for the question Do you plan to send promotional emails to these contacts? Please provide us with as much information as possible about your record. The more information you provide, the more likely your record will be approved quickly. Then click on Next.

  6. Process: Wait until the progress bar has reached 100%. You will now be forwarded to the Import Status page, where you can see the current status of your import. Wait for approval. As soon as your import has been approved, the status will change to Approved.
    Once your data has been submitted to us, it will be evaluated by a Quentn employee and, if necessary, approved or rejected. It is therefore important that you provide us with as much information as possible in the survey about the origin of your data. Data of unknown or dubious origin will always be rejected by us! Please also note that we may ask you to send the access data of your third-party provider as part of the check. This may be necessary for larger records (> 10,000 contacts).