Set up contact fields

When creating a form, drag and drop contact fields such as name, address and email into your form. We have created the most common contact fields for you. You can of course also create your own contact fields!

Step by step:

  • In the menu, click on Contacts -> Contact fields and then on Add new field.
  • Give the field a title. You can make notes under Description.
  • If the field should be filled in, tick the box next to Field is required.
  • Determine the field type.
  • Click on "Next" to save your field.
  • Go back to your campaign and your form. The field you just created will appear on the left-hand side.

6 field types

There are currently six field types: text field, integer, decimal, selection, date and user consent. Each field has its own function:

Text field: The user can only enter text here, e.g. name entry

Integer: Only whole numbers can be entered, e.g. age

Decimal: Here you can enter numbers with two decimal places, e.g. prices

Selection: The user has the possibility to choose between several options. If you need help with this field type, please read below.

Date: Date and time can be entered (e.g. start of a webinar...)

User consent: Here the user can only check one box, e.g. for privacy statements.


Field type: Selection

If you opt for this field type, you will see another box entitled "Field type options". Here you define what kind of selection you want.

Should the user be able to select from a dropdown menu? If so, select "Selection list (single selection)".

Should the user see an Overview of their answer options? If so, choose "Radios (simple selection)".

Or should the user be able to tick several answers? Select "Checkboxes (multiple selection)".

Step by step

  • Define the field type option.
  • Click on Next. The window Add contact field will appear.
  • In the Value box, enter your answer options. You will see three boxes by default, but you can add more answer options by clicking on + Add item or remove them by clicking on the red minus box.
  • If you want a checkmark to be automatically set for an answer, set a checkmark for the answer under Default.
  • Click on End.

This field type can be used to create surveys, for example. This video shows you exactly how to do this.

Field type: Date

With the date field, you can determine whether to display just the date or the date and time.

The date timer enables you to react BEFORE the deadline.

If you only specify the date, Quentn will assume the time is 00:00 and would send the email at the time that you specify.

If the date and time are transferred in the contact field (e.g. an event, start of webinar...), you can be reminded of the event exactly one hour in advance, for example.

Attention: If a field is transferred by a third party (Webinaris, Zapier, etc.), make sure that the time zone is also transferred!

More information here.

Field type: User consent

With the field type "User consent", you can easily and conveniently obtain the approval of a contact for various purposes. This way, you ensure your email marketing is GDPR-compliant. If you use tracking of website visitors, you can display this field in an overlay on the website to obtain consent for tracking. Regardless of this, fields of this type are available to you just like any other field in the Campaign Editor.

The contact will see this field type as a checkbox with a text that can also contain a link if you desire. The text and link must both be entered by you. If a field is filled out, the IP address, time and date will be saved. This way, you have proof that the contact has given you their consent.

Creating a new field: First of all, navigate to Contacts -> My Fields, then click "Add field". Select "User consent" as the type. On the second page of the form, you can configure the text to be displayed next to the checkbox. The following fields are available for this purpose:

  • Text: This text is displayed next to the checkbox. If you want to use a link in the text, you have to set the placeholder [link] in the desired position.
  • Link: Enter the URL to which the link in the text should lead.
  • Link text: The text entered here is displayed to the contact instead of the [link] placeholder.

To finish, save your settings.

Use field in form: You can add the consent field to a form just like any other field in the Campaign Editor.

Please note: Consent data cannot be changed.

The consent data (IP, time, source) displayed in the contact view cannot be changed by you at this point. This is to ensure the integrity of the data, as it is consent granted by a contact.

Results: Once a contact has filled out this field, you can see the result in the contact view under "My fields". Here you will find three pieces of information:

  • IP: The contact's IP address from which consent was given.
  • Time: Date and time when the consent was given.
  • Source: The URL used by the contact to give consent. This information is only available in combination with the overlay when tracking website visitors.