Event elements settings .

For every Event element used in the campaign, a small gearwheel appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You can get to the advanced settings by clicking on the gearwheel: what should happen when the event occurs? 

End connected sequences immediately

The checkmark here is set to Active by default. As soon as the event occurs, the contact leaves this sequence and does not receive any more of the emails which are still "left over" from the sequence.    

An example of a link that's been clicked:

For example, there could be 5 emails in a sequence. All the emails contain the same link that the recipients must click on. If the recipient clicks the link after the second email, they will no longer receive emails 3, 4 and 5. 

Going further 

Here the checkmark is set to Inactive by default. If you activate the function, the current sequence will be stopped, but all other connected elements will remain active. 

An example: 

Let's say that there is another sequence connected to the sequence in which the emails with the link are located, in which, for example, a product is advertised for sale. If the recipient clicked the link in the first sequence, they leave the sequence and jump to the following one. 

Only respond to contacts that are within the connected sequence 

Here the checkmark is set to Active by default. This means that the system only reacts to contacts that are in the sequence, rather than to "foreign" ones. 

An example:

You have advertised a product for sale in a sequence and have connected the sequence with event element Digistore24. As soon as the recipient has purchased the product, they "jump" out of the sequence and move onto the next one (e.g. follow-up). There is NO reaction to people who just bought the product without receiving any prior emails. 

If you would like to include "newcomers" in your follow-up, deactivate this function.