Start campaign for contacts from Integromat

If you want to send contacts from a third-party provider into a Quentn campaign via Integromat, please proceed as follows:

  • Select the Quentn module in Integromat and choose "Create or update contact". 
  • Define which tag should be assigned to the contacts.
  • Create a new campaign in Quentn and drag the event element "Tag(s) changed" into the Campaign Builder.
  • After double-clicking on the element, enter the tag assigned in Integromat. The campaign will now start for all those who have received the tag.
  • Now connect the email confirmation element with the previous element so that your new contacts complete the double opt-in process. Contacts who are already in your database will automatically skip this element, so they do not need to confirm their email again.
  • Complete your campaign and publish it.