Create forms

Use the event element "Form sent" 

This form is the link between your website and Quentn. Although it is a powerful and flexible tool, you can easily embed your generated form into a website later on. Even if you work with landing page builders like Leadpages, Optimizepress & Co. you can use the Quentn Form Builder without running into any problems. 

Info: Responsive design

The forms are "responsive" and therefore automatically adapt to smaller displays, such as smartphones. 


  • Drag & drop the desired contact fields such as the salutation, first name, and last name into the form. Of course, you can create your own contact fields.  
  • Drag the structural element Horizontal Container into the form. In this container you can arrange form fields (first name, last name) next to each other. 
  • You can customise the headline by clicking on it. You can enter and configure your headline on the right-hand side. 
  • In the right-hand form you can adjust the form elements as required (text, colour, size, alignment, etc...) 

Tip: Use fewer required fields 

The less personal data you ask for from a potential customer, the greater the chance that they will fill out your form. If a contact field is mandatory (e.g. email), check the box under "Field Settings". 

The form settings 

It is here that you set where the user is directed to when they have submitted the form: 

  • To a thank you message which is generated by the system. Then all you have to do is enter the appropriate text,
  • To a thank you page which you design yourself and place online. 

In the lower section of the settings you can determine how to deal with the users whose email addresses you already have. You can disregard the double opt-in which is the default option, or redirect users who already have data stored to their URL. If you have already obtained permission to send emails to the user, you should not initiate a further opt-in. Choose the variant with your own thank you page and add the appropriate information. If you cannot complete this, the simple version with the "thank you message" will be sufficient.