Double opt-in

Setting up the "email confirmation" element

With this action element, you can complete the opt-in procedure. Again there are two tabs: the email and the thank you page. 

Tab: Email

First, select a sender address. If your desired sender address is not yet available, simply click on the "Info link" next to the sender field - here you can add missing senders. Next, enter a subject for your email or simply leave the default subject. To give the finishing touches to the confirmation email, you can add your own text to the default text, e.g: "Confirm your email address to receive a free e-book".

Tab: Thank you page

It is here that you can determine where the user goes when they click on the confirmation link. If they select "Thank you message", the user will receive the predefined text. If you wish the user to be directed to your website, product, etc..., select "Web address" and enter the corresponding link. 

What happens to already registered contacts?

The user will have now registered, received the confirmation link and been redirected to your product, e.g. an e-book. Let's imagine that they have deleted the second email with the link or are logging in from a different computer and want to access the e-book again. The problem is that they cannot again log into your form because they have already completed the opt-in process and thus skipped the opt-in event element. 

Note: If a user's email address has already been used, the user skips the opt-in event element. Therefore, you can always be sure that the user will only receive the opt-in email if they have not yet been confirmed. 

To enable confirmed contacts to return to your page, you must follow the following steps:


  • Click on the settings tab in the opt-in form settings.
  • Select the Forwarding (already confirmed) option.
  • Remove the checkmark for "Default" and enter your information to direct the user to the e-book. 

If the opt-in process is taking too long

The lead has 2 days to confirm their email address. If they click on it at a later date, the agreement will no longer be recognised and the contact cannot be reached. Should this happen, you will need to reset the contact for that particular campaign. Ask them to register again and to immediately confirm their email.

Alternatively, after resetting the contact, you could connect a start element to the opt-in element and manually enter the contact into the campaign.