Emails in sequences


The symbols in the editor should be recognisable from the usual writing programs. Only four functions may need further explanation: 

Source code: Click here to switch from WYSIWYG to HTML. 

Image: Insert an image. Please note that the image should not be too large! It is not sufficient to crop the image to the right dimensions in the editor, but rather you must upload the image in low resolution. Since every email client has their own email settings, it can sometimes happen that the image is displayed in full size and thus the complete layout of your email is lost. 

Add token [T]: This function allows you to personalise your emails by inserting placeholders, e.g. for names, salutations or addresses. 

Email link: If you insert a link into your email, you usually wish to know whether the user clicks on it. To enable Quentn to evaluate this, please make sure that the checkmark "Disable tracking" is NOT ticked. 

WARNING: Never insert links into plain text

Never use links in plain text, but rather link words. Pure URLs are considered a phishing attempt by servers and email clients. These emails are increasingly ending up in the spam folder, which in turn damages your reputation. 

Links: Select the text or image to be linked, click on the link icon and enter the URL. 

Different display when previewing

Every email client has their own settings regarding email display. This means that emails may appear differently to your recipients than they do to you. To avoid an aesthetic disaster, we recommend that you do not send too many "well-designed" emails. 

Legal notice in the emails

By default, the placeholders for your legal notice are already in the email. The placeholders are filled with the information you have stored in Quentn. 

If you want to enter a different legal notice, you can do so manually. Remove the placeholders and insert the desired information. 

Note: You are required by law to insert a legal notice in your business emails.

Create your own placeholders 

In the video, you will learn how to create your own placeholders. 

Unsubscribe from the newsletter

Article 7 (4) GDPR regulates the cancellation of the newsletter: "The revocation of consent must be as simple as the granting of consent." This means that there must be a link in every newsletter with a clear designation, e.g. in the footer, through which you can unsubscribe from the newsletter. A more complicated unsubscribe option, such as a mandatory login to the customer account or similar, is not permitted. Quentn has automatically integrated this link in the emails, so you don't need to do anything else here. You cannot edit this link. This is the only way we can ensure legally compliant email marketing. 

Quentn Branding

In the Quentn-Lite version, your emails are branded with Quentn branding: under the unsubscribe link you will find the Quentn logo and the note "powered by Quentn". In the upgraded versions this banding is omitted.