Embed form onto website

To embed the form you created onto your website, click on "Code Snippet" in your form. There are three ways to insert the created form onto your website. The easiest, and therefore recommended, option is using JavaScript. In addition, HTML and Raw HTML are also available. 


  • Click on the green button which says "Copy" - the code from the grey box will now be in the computer's cache. 
  • Switch to your website where the new form should appear. Insert the code at the appropriate place: either via right-clicking on the "Context menu" or simply using the key function [CTRL] + [V] (Windows). 

The different embed codes 


With this recommended variant, the form is displayed in an "iFrame". All style information is taken from the form builder so your form will look identical to how you previously designed it. If you edit your form again, you don't have to copy the code again and embed it on your website because it runs in the "iFrame" and fetches the fields directly from our server.  


Here the form is displayed as part of your own website. However, the input is sent to Quentn when it is submitted. The style information from the form builder is used as part of the HTML. Here you will also find your form according to your design. However, if you edit your form later on, you will need to paste the code back into your web page.  


This option is intended for certain third-party providers, such as Leadpages or OptimizePress. All style information from the form builder is not used here, but rather the information contained here is only used to send the form input to the correct address, i.e. your Quentn campaigns.