General: The Campaign Builder

Before you start:

Quentn is optimised for Google Chrome. Whilst Quentn also works on other browsers (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 10), problems may arise. 

The Campaign Builder:

The Whiteboard is Quentn's Campaign Builder and is the focus of all email marketing activities. It's like a large virtual whiteboard on which you can create your campaign. 

Get to know how the mouse works

As you can see, a campaign is put together on a graphic interface with a checked pattern as its background. The checked pattern should help with orientation. You have unlimited space on the board: you can easily move left, right, up and down by left-clicking on the mouse.

Using drag & drop, you can move the elements (we divide them into Action and Event elements) from the left selection to the whiteboard and drop them freely. Give it a try! You can delete the elements at any time. 

The elements are connected to each other in a logical way. If you move the mouse pointer over an element, a green arrow will appear. Touch it and move it to another element whilst simultaneously left-clicking. The link is created automatically and displayed as a graphic. Even if you arrange the object differently on the sheet later, the link will remain intact. If you want to cancel a link, move the mouse pointer to the black semicircle on the link. Whilst left-clicking, move the link to the empty space. 

To delete an element, move the mouse pointer over the element and click on the white and red X. 

Every element has its own setting, which can vary depending on its use. Double click on the middle of an element in order to open the settings for the element.