Personalisation through tags

Create tags

There are 2 options for creating tags, which we will present to you here: 

Create tags in the campaign

In your campaign, drag the action element "Tag(s) changed" onto your whiteboard and double-click on the element. 

Now you can write in the open space. 

Once you have composed your new tag, click on "Create Tag". Now this tag has been created both in your campaign and in the tag overview. 

Create tags in the tag overview

In your Quentn account, click on Contacts --> Tags. Here you will find an overview of all your tags. You can create a new tag by clicking on the green button "Add tag".

Change tag(s)

In some cases it may be necessary to assign or remove certain tags from a group of contacts. For example, you could assign the tag of Southern Germany to all contacts from that particular postal code area. 

  1. Filter contacts (optional): Switch to the contacts overview which can be found under the main menu --> Contacts --> Overview. Use the filter function to assign or remove tags from certain contacts.  

  2. Change action tag(s): Mark the desired contacts with a checkmark and start the action of Change tag(s)

  3. Select tag(s): Now select which tags should be added or removed. You can select multiple tags here. Then select Continue

  4. Perform action: Wait until the progress bar has reached 100%. You will now be redirected to the contact overview. 

Event element: Tag(s) changed

The Event element Changed tag(s) (not to be confused with the Action element Change tag(s)) reacts when a user receives or loses a new tag. The moment that the user becomes a customer in our campaign, they will receive the tag Customer E-book. At this point, we want to react to this event. Since this element is an Event element, we can use it to cancel our email sequence. This always happens automatically when a sequence is linked to an event element. In this case, the event element serves as the "target" of the sequence. It is important that the direction of the arrow points from the sequence to the event element. 

Although an event element, when connected by a sequence, automatically terminates the sequence when triggered, the event element's context settings can also change this behaviour. To open the context settings, click on the orange gearwheel in the bottom left-hand corner of the element.

Note: The context settings of an event element change depending on whether it is linked to a sequence or not.


  • Create a new element from the type Changed tag(s) and link it to the email sequence. 
  • Configure the element to react as soon as a user receives the tag ebook