Stop campaign

In some cases it may be necessary to remove contacts from a campaign, e.g. if a discount campaign has expired or a certain product is no longer available. Stopping contacts in a campaign can also make sense in a campaign test. This is because here you have the option to reset a campaign for the contact. This means that the contact can then go through the campaign a second time.

Step 1: Filter contacts (optional)

Switch to the contact overview. Now filter all contacts who you want to stop in the campaign. If you want to stop all your contacts, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Mark contacts

Mark all selected contacts with a checkmark and start the action Stop campaign.

Step 3: Select campaign

Select the campaign that you wish to stop. Do you want the campaign to be reset for the selected contacts? This is only necessary if you plan to restart the campaign for the selected contacts in the future. Do you want to reset the statistics? This is useful for clearing the statistics of your campaign from the selected contacts (e.g. in a test).