Test & publish

Switch the status overview on by clicking on Status mode in the campaign. This status overview will help you to monitor the progress of your campaign. Above the icons of the elements you will find a series of symbols with numbers. The numbers reflect the number of users. The symbols have the following meaning (see image 1).

Preparations for the test


  • Set all timer elements in your sequences to 5 minutes. This ensures that you receive all emails within the test.
  • Check if all your online pages used in the campaign are functional - e.g. pages with entry form or possible download and thank you pages.
  • Publish your campaign. 

Test form and DOI

To more conveniently test your form and the double opt-in process, please open a new tab in the same browser in which you are already logged into Quentn.

In this tab, go to the website where the form is embedded and enter your test address. After submitting, Quentn will automatically recognise that you are already logged in and assume that you are about to test your campaign. Remember: A contact can only go through a campaign once. However, when testing, you usually enter your address more than once.

In order to avoid having to reset your contact manually, you will now be presented with the opportunity to reset your contact with just one click in an intermediate step when entering your data into the form: both the campaign and the email status are reset. The action elements (e.g. the double opt-in process) also work in this way when tested several times.

Warning: The automatic reset of the email status is only offered if the double opt-in element is directly linked to the form. Otherwise, only the campaign will be reset.

Test email

You can send a test delivery to a test email address of your choice for each individual email. Under each email (except for the email confirmation), you will find the item "Test email". Enter your email address here to send yourself a test.

Please note:

  • Placeholders are not replaced in test emails

  • The test email is sent from quentn.com Verifications <verifications@quentn.com> and not from your sender address

Campaign process 

Tip: Freely edit the email status

If your test user has a confirmed sender address, you can freely edit the email status. This is especially helpful for testing the opt-in process several times. Your confirmed sender addresses can be found in the menu under: Email sender.

Call up your landing page with the integrated form. Register as a new user. Within a very short time you should find your pre-made confirmation email. Display the campaign status. Note the increased values.

Under Contacts overview, you will find the newly registered user with the email status Confirmed (single opt-in). Click on the confirmation link in the received email. You will be forwarded to your thank you page. You should also receive the next email from your email sequence a moment later.


When you have finished creating your campaign, click on the green "Publish" button in the top right-hand corner. Now your campaign is online. If you make changes to your campaign afterwards, the green button will show you the number of changes. Don't forget to publish your changes after you have finished, so that they will be counted.

The status mode

The status mode helps you to see how many contacts are/were on which element at that moment, how many have stopped there and how many contacts are waiting etc.

The icons are also buttons, with which you can view the corresponding contacts in almost all cases, or in some cases even move the contacts further along (a list will follow).

This way, the status mode shows you the campaign and the contacts in it in real time.

Note: If you make changes to a campaign that has already been published (and you have not yet published these changes), they will not yet be displayed in the status mode either - after all, they are not live yet.