Export campaign

Starting from an Enterprise account, you can export your campaigns and share them with other Quentn users.

Log into your Quentn account and click on Campaigns in the menu on the left-hand side to get to the overview. Then click on Actions and Export next to the desired campaign on the right-hand side.

A pop-up will then open. Here you can give the campaign a new title if necessary and set up dynamic placeholders if required. These can be used to replace values in emails and in URLs. When importing, users will be requested to set a value for each placeholder. This may be useful for affiliate placeholders, for example.

In the second tab of the pop-up entitled Emails, you specify which email content should be exported.

Once you've specified your desired settings, click on Export Campaign.

You can now find the campaign in the Campaign Overview in the Exported Campaigns tab.

Share exported campaigns

To share the exported campaigns with other Quentn users, go to the Exported Campaigns tab in the Campaign Overview. Click on Actions -> Share on the right-hand side for the desired campaign,

A pop-up will now open again. You will be shown the URL, which you can, e.g. include in an email campaign or otherwise share so that other Quentn users can import the campaign into their own.

Under the Invitations tab you can immediately send the link to a contact.

Attention: Use of different editors

Quentn currently offers two different email editors. Many import campaigns are still created with the classic editor. If you've activated the drag & drop editor and import a campaign that was created in the classic editor, you will face some complications: you will be able to edit the emails, but won't be able to save them properly.

Here's why:

When activating the drag & drop editor, the system insists that you use the placeholders for the legal notice. If these are missing in the email, it cannot be saved.

This feature doesn't exist in the classic editor.

So if you import emails that don't contain the placeholders, an error message will appear when you save and edit the imported emails.

What you can do

You have two options:

a) Switch back to the classic editor

b) Copy the contents of the imported emails (assuming you want to use them), delete the emails from the sequences and then add the new ones again. You can then edit these emails using the drag & drop editor. Then simply paste the content once again.