How can I change the language?

Quentn gives you the opportunity to change your Quentn account to German or English for yourself and to set the system language to German or English.

Change account language

Click on Settings and My account in the menu. Under the language settings you can choose between German and English. Your account - i.e. the menu navigation, help texts etc... - will be displayed in the language of your choice. However, this does NOT include texts that are sent out, such as the unsubscribe text at the end of each email, etc....

Change system language

For example, if you want to address an English-speaking audience, you need to change the system language. Only then will all texts, such as the unsubscribe text at the end of each email or the texts for the email confirmation etc..., be translated into English.

Go to Settings, System and Profile. Now select English.

Please note: Quentn can only communicate to the outside world in one language. So if you have a multilingual audience, we recommended that you book several systems (one for German-speaking and one for English-speaking contacts).