DigiMember is a high-performance WordPress plugin that helps you design an easy-to-use member area in just a few clicks. Once you've integrated a payment provider, it's also possible to sell memberships in a fully automated manner.

To connect Quentn to DigiMember, you'll need a Quentn Basic account to enable the API.

Connect DigiMember to Quentn

Step 1: Set up welcome page for new members in WordPress

When a new user registers for your member area, they should be directed to a welcome page. For example, this could include a friendly greeting, provide initial instructions or even lead directly to the product.

  • To do this, create a new page in WordPress according to your wishes.

Step 2: Create product

  • Create a new product in DigiMember under the "Products" menu item.
  • Enter a name for the product.
  • Then determine the redirects.
    • Page after first login: Here you select from your WordPress pages the page a new user should land on after logging into your member area for the first time (e.g. the welcome page you just created).
    • Page for all further logins: Here you select from your WordPress pages the page which a user should land on after each subsequent login.

Step 3: Create autoresponder

  • In your WordPress account, click on "DigiMember".
  • Under “Autoresponder”, click on the "+ Add" button.
  • Select Quentn as the autoresponder and enter the Quentn API key and API URL. You can find this in your Quentn account under "My Account -> API Info" (starting from the Quentn Basic account). Copy the required information here and paste into DigiMember.
  • Click on "Apply Changes".

Step 4: Create tags for new members

  • In the "Autoresponder" section, you'll now see a list of your tags from Quentn. Determine the tag(s) that new members should receive.
  • You can also create new tags here.

Step 5: Create contact fields for personalised fields

  • Now go back to your Quentn account and create contact fields for order date, order ID, login name, password, login URL and login key.
  • To do this, go to Contacts -> Contact Fields and click on the green "Add new field" button.
  • Enter the title and create the text fields.
  • Now go back to DigiMember and click on "Apply Changes"
  • Now you can specify the personalised fields by selecting them from the dropdown.

Step 6: Set up actions (e.g. assign more tags)

  • When your customers perform an action (e.g. visiting a page), you can add or remove autoresponder tags, i.e. tags from Quentn.
  • To add an action, click on "Actions" in the DigiMember menu. Then click on "Add" at the top.
  • Give your action a name.
  • Determine when the action should take effect: when visiting a page, when logging in, if the user is offline for a certain period of time, if they have never logged in before, or when product access expires.
  • Set the checkmark to "Yes" for the autoresponder actions.
  • Select the tags to be removed or assigned from the tag list. You can also create new tags here.

Registration of a new user

Option 1 (recommended): Registration via a Quentn form

If you want to use a Quentn form for registering new members, we recommend you use the Autojoin feature. This will not only create a new member for your member area; the contact will also be created in Quentn. After they've completed the double opt-in process, you can immediately start an email campaign. Other benefits of using the Quentn form include being able to request much more information (e.g. full address data, etc.).

Step 1: Integrate "Autojoin" shortcode into the welcome page

  • Add a new block to your welcome page on WordPress (click on +)
  • Select "DigiMember shortcode"
  • Select the shortcode [ds_autojoin] from the dropdown
  • Check the box for the corresponding product and for "log in automatically" and then click on "OK".

Step 2: Create & configure form in Quentn

  • The user should register in this form to gain access to the member area.
  • Create a new campaign (or open an existing one that you now want to use) and drag the "Form sent" event element onto the whiteboard.
  • You can read how to configure the form here.
  • Click on "Settings" in the form and select the redirection to a web address.
  • Enter the URL of the welcome page you just created.
  • Check the "Append contact information to URL" box. If a new member registers, DigiMember will create the account. The personalised fields are automatically created and sent to Quentn.
  • Copy the code snippet of the form and enter it on your website.

Example campaign for sending login data

  • When creating a new member in DigiMember, assign a tag such as "New Member".
  • Start your campaign with the event element "Tag(s) Changed" and define the tag "New Member".
  • Connect the element to a sequence.
  • In the sequence, you can welcome the new user in the first email and send them all their login details once again.

Option 2: Registration via a DigiMember form

You can also process the customer's login via a DigiMember form. However, very little information is passed to Quentn here. If you want to know more about your customers, please use option 1.

  • Click on "Registration form" in DigiMember.
  • Select a product.
  • Determine what should happen after filling out the form.
  • Click on "Generate form code"
  • Copy the code and enter it on your website.