MemberWunder is a WordPress plugin that helps you to design an exclusive, customised member area in just a few clicks. Customer order and access data is very easy to manage. To encourage customers to compete with each other, you can create leaderboards and grant awards and certificates for successfully completing a course.

To connect Quentn and MemberWunder, you need a Quentn Basic Account to unlock the API.

Step 1: Connect to Quentn

  • In your WordPress page, go to MemberWunder and Autoresponders.
  • Select Quentn at the top.
  • Enter the general API data.
  • Determine which tags the member should receive when logged in as a member.

Step 2: Double-opt-in (DOI)

There are two possibilities:

  • Customers complete the DOI process via the member page (the function is there as well). In this case, however, the contact is not sent to Quentn until the DOI process has been completed.

OR there's variant two, which we highly recommend:

  • The member completes the DOI process directly via Quentn. You will learn how to do this in the next step.

Step 3: Create campaign

  • Start the campaign with the "Tags Changed" event element and set the confirmation email DOI element after it. This is followed by the sequence.