Send Newsletter .

A newsletter is an email which is sent to selected contacts once. The reason for sending a newsletter could be seasonal actions like Christmas or Easter. Promoting a new blog article or advertising discount campaigns for an online store are typical reasons to send a newsletter to a selected group or your whole list.

  1. Select contacts: In the contacts overview, switch to the main menu --> Contacts --> All contacts and filter the contacts to whom you want to send your newsletter (e.g. by using the tag field). If you want to send your newsletter to all your contacts, you can skip this step. 
  2. Mark contacts: Mark all the selected contacts with a checkmark and begin the action Send Newsletter.
  3. Create newsletter: Now select the time of delivery and create your email. As always, you also have the option of saving your newsletter as a template or loading an existing email template onto the editor. Test your email if necessary. 
  4. Test: If you would like to test your newsletter before you send it, click on "Test email". Enter the email address to which the test should be sent and click on "Send". Notice that replacement patterns such as personalised salutations are not replaced in the test email. 
  5. Send newsletter: When you are finished, click on Send Newsletter. Wait until the progress bar that appears reaches 100%. You will now be forwarded to the newsletter overview. 

Tip: Cancel the delivery

You can cancel the newsletter delivery at any time in the newsletter overview by deleting it. 

Plan the newsletter

If you want to send your newsletter at a later date, you can now do so by choosing when the contact filter should take effect: either immediately when the newsletter is created or on the delivery date. If the filter only takes effect on the delivery date, all contacts who have in the meantime been assigned a certain date or characteristic that qualifies them to receive the newsletter will also be considered. 

How to change the settings: 

In addition to step 2 above: 

Now select the shipping time and enter the desired date and time. Below that you can select when the contact filter should be applied. 

  • If you click on "Immediately", only the contacts that have been selected at that moment will be considered.
  • If you click on "Date", all contacts that are added up to this date and meet the filter criteria will be included.