On Wix, if you just include the raw HTML of your form, it will not work reliably.

In short, the problem lies with the way Wix integrates third-party embed codes, such as the Quentn form, into pages. Our form tries to redirect to the specified thank you page after submission, but many browsers don't allow this. 

To solve this, you would need to embed the form again, this time in the "HTML" variant, and make a small change to the embed code manually. This change will cause the thank you page to open in a new tab, which "every" browser allows.

Here are the individual steps for you to follow:

  • Use the embed code in the "HTML" variant (first save, then copy to the clipboard, see image 1)
  • For clarity purposes, copy this embed code into a text editor.
  • Search for the form HTML element by clicking Ctrl+F or cmd+F and typing "form" (see image 2)
  • Within the Form element, change the "target" attribute from "_parent" (image 3) to "_blank". (image 4)
  • Insert the modified embed code into your Wix page. To do this, use "Embed Web Page" (image 5) and select "HTML Code". (image 6)
  • Save and publish your web page. If you have made any changes in your Quentn campaign, please remember to publish them.