Create page restriction

With the Quentn WordPress plugin, you can create access-restricted pages in WordPress. Non-verified users are either redirected to another website or will receive a notification.

  • Create a new page in WordPress.
  • Click on Enable access restriction below and change the desired settings. If you do not set any page access restrictions, the page will not be shown in Quentn (see below, "Campaign element").

You now have the following options:

  1. Activate access restriction - If this option is checked, only invited users have access to this page.

  2. Use countdown - If this option is also checked, invited users can access the page for a limited time. Depending on the setting, the contact:
    • only has xxx hours/minutes/seconds to access this link - once the countdown is over, the page is once again blocked for that person.
    • the possibility to activate the link up to a certain day and time. If the time is over, the page is once again blocked for the user.


Here you can control what is displayed to people who do not have authorised access to the page (e.g. because the countdown has expired or they have accidentally landed on the page).

Either a message appears (you can customise these messages), or the user is redirected to another website.