Grant access permissions

Access via link

Grant access to individual users (via link)

If you want to grant individual users access to a restricted page, you have the option to grant this access manually.

To do this, click on "Show access" in the overview on the corresponding page, create a new access and then copy the link created. An access link always requires an email address.

Grant access from Quentn

Of course you can also automatically grant page access to chosen contacts simply in Quentn, without manually doing so in WordPress.

1. The action element "WordPress access"

In your campaign, drag the action element "WordPress access" onto your whiteboard. Double-click to open it.

Under "Page access", select the pages which the user can access.

Optional: If the user obtains membership status and/or is created as a user in WordPress, check the box "Create or update new user". Then select a role. If you do not do this, the member will automatically be assigned the role "Subscriber". You can set which permissions each role has in your WordPress. You'll require the free plugin Members for this.

2. Send access link by email

Simply use the link to the restricted page in your email sequences. Quentn automatically converts this link in the background into a personalised access link for the particular contact.

Use case: Contact receives temporary access via link

In this example, a contact registers in a form. Afterwards, they receive the email confirmation to complete the double opt-in process. Now the contact goes into the WordPress element. This allows the contact to access the "Quentn Test" page.

The countdown starts now!

In the subsequent email sequence, the user receives an email with the link to the corresponding page.

This option can also be used to access freebies, for example.