Introduction to WordPress plugin GmbH now offers a free WordPress plugin that enables users to generate leads and deepen their customer loyalty - far beyond email marketing.

The Quentn WordPress plugin offers a variety of functions:

  • Membership: With the creation of access-restricted pages, only selected contacts can access the landing page - this creates exclusivity. For these contacts, for example, selected offers can be offered, webinars or downloads can be provided - this exclusivity strengthens customer loyalty.
  • Personalisation: By using placeholders, known contacts are addressed by name. Unknown contacts can also be addressed individually (but not by name).
  • Countdown: The various countdown options can contribute to lead generation and increase the conversion rate: a visible countdown greatly increases purchase probability.
  • Integration and tagging in Quentn: Quentn contacts can easily be sent to your WordPress page via a link. Likewise, WordPress users (e.g. forum members, employees, etc.) can be sent and tagged in Quentn - without having to rely on third-party providers like Zapier.


Do you want to test the Quentn Wordpress plugin? Click here for installation instructions. (Note: Using the plugin requires at least PHP 5.6 and at least a Quentn Basic account to connect to the Quentn host via API).

Please note that the current version is still a BETA version - the plugin is still in the test phase.

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