Set up countdown

Countdown type “Relative”

Here the user has access for a period of time that has to be specified. You can set, for example, that the user only has 24 hours access to this page. This option is useful if you offer a download/ a special offer/ etc... for a limited time and want to put time pressure on the potential customer.

You can adjust various settings for the countdown:

Setting 1: Countdown from access

If you activate "Countdown starts as soon as access is granted", the countdown will start from the moment the user is granted access - i.e. when the user passes through the action element "WordPress access" in Quentn or an access link has been created for the contact (see section "Testing the page"). NOT just when they arrive on the page for the first time.

Setting 2: Countdown from first page visit

The second option, "Countdown starts from first visit" offers you a cookie-based countdown. The countdown begins on the first visit to the website and NOT when access is first granted. This function is completely independent of access rights! It is suitable, for example, as support for the purchase decision of foreign visitors by giving them a (seemingly) time-limited offer.

When a user visits the website, a cookie is set to indicate when the countdown has started. If the user visits the page again at a later time, the time counts down further. However, if the user has deleted their cookies, the countdown starts again from the beginning.

Countdown type “Absolute”

Under the absolute setting, you allow the user access up to a certain point in time. This option is useful if you have, for example, an event-related offer.

Enter the end date and, if necessary, the end time.

Placement of the countdown

If you click on Show countdown at the top of the page, the countdown is visible to the user at the top of the page.

If you click on Countdown remains visible while scrolling, the countdown is pinned to the top so that it always remains visible while scrolling down.

Additionally, with the placeholder (called "Shortcode" in WordPress) [quentn_flipclock] you can place the countdown at any other position on your page. However, this can lead to errors in the design, which you have to manually correct with your own CSS rules.