Action element “Change stage”

Once a contact has passed through your campaign to the desired point that they are now "hot" enough to enter a (different) stage in a pipeline, use the action element "Change stage".

Open the element by doubling clicking on it. Determine which pipeline the contact should go into and click on "Next".

Now select which stage the contact should go into.

Under "Direction", you can determine whether the contact may go in any direction (default) or only forward (from stage 1 to x) or only backward (from x to 1). Let's assume that your contact is already in stage 3, but the action would downgrade them to stage 2. You will be able to decide whether this should be allowed or whether the contact should only move in one direction.

Finally, determine how the opportunities should be allocated to your users (this assumes, of course, that you have created multiple users):

  • Specific user: You select the user.
  • Rotational procedure: You define the ratio of how the opportunities should be allocated. The first user receives the predefined number of opportunities. Then the second user in the list also receives the predefined number of opportunities, and so on. When all users have received a '1', the opportunities are distributed equally.
  • Contact owner: The opportunity is assigned to the contact owner.