Create opportunities in stages

Create opportunity 

Click on "Add opportunity".

You now have three options:

If you want to make changes afterwards, open the opportunity with a double-click. Now you can make changes and view the opportunity's history via the menu tab "History".

Opportunity from existing contacts

You select a contact from the already existing contacts. To do so, type the name or email address of the contact in the first field. After typing the first few characters, you will be shown suggestions which you can select by clicking on them.

Opportunity for new contact

Create a new contact. For this you will need the first and last name. If you know the email address, you can add it to the contact later via the contact overview. (Tip: Using the global search to edit the contact is easiest) 

For the opportunity, you don't just select the contact at this point. You can also:
--> Set deadlines for next actions
--> Enter the value of the expected turnover
--> Favourite the contact
--> Assign the contact to a user
--> Assign the contact to a stage
--> Make notes. 

Opportunity from campaign

You can manually move contacts from the contact overview or via a campaign element in a stage. You can make the following assignments:

  • The pipeline 
  • The corresponding stage
  • The date for the next action (you can also define whether this date should be set for new contacts only, or also for old contacts)
  • The owner.

Assign a date to the opportunity

Opportunities can be given a date so that you, or your users, know when the next action is due. You can create this date manually or assign it automatically if, for example, the date was transferred to Quentn via a third-party provider.

A contact field of the type "Date" as well as a date transmission, e.g. via Zapier, is required. (You can find an application example here).

To do this, connect the action element "Change Stage" with the event element "Tag(s) changed". Configure the element by selecting the stage and the contact field.