Move opportunities

You can move the opportunities: 

  • between stages
  • into other pipelines
  • into won/lost.  

Within the stages

There are several ways to change the stages of opportunities:

  1. By an action performed in a campaign (see Apply in the campaign).
  2. Manual moving via drag & drop.

To move the opportunities manually, simply click on the corresponding one and drag it to the desired stage while holding down the mouse.

After you have moved the opportunity, a countdown for 30 seconds will appear if you have linked automated actions to the stage. Once the countdown is over, the opportunity is moved to that stage and all related actions (e.g. in campaigns) will begin.

If you have accidentally placed the opportunity in a stage or simply don't want automated actions to take place, click on the countdown and then on "Stop actions".

Move to other pipelines

While holding down the mouse, drag the opportunity to the bottom of the screen over "Other pipeline", then release the mouse button here. A window will now open in which you can determine to which pipeline and to which stage the contact should be moved.

Opportunity won/lost

If you have won or lost the opportunity, you can move it back to the bottom of the screen in "Won" or "Lost" by holding down the mouse button.

In the case of lost contacts, a window will open where you can enter the reason for the loss. You can either choose your own reason or one of the reasons already created, and add notes.

Push won/lost opportunities back into a stage

It can happen that you mark an opportunity too hastily as "Won" or "Lost". To return it quickly to the pipelines, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the pipeline overview.
  • At the desired pipeline, right-click on Actions -> Manage opportunities.
  • Now you can filter the opportunities.
  • Once you have found the desired one, right-click on the pencil symbol.
  • A pop-up will appear where you can, for example, add comments and make other changes.
  • Click on the button "Back to pipeline" to move the contact back to the original pipeline.

The contact is pushed back into the stage of the pipeline where it was last located.