Create mail merge

Set up mail merge in a campaign

  • Open the sequence with a double-click.
  • Set a sequence in the place in your campaign where you think the lead qualifies for your mail merge (e.g. an invitation to an event).
  • Drag the "Send letter" element onto your whiteboard and open it by double clicking on it.
  • Upload your letter and click on Continue.
  • Give your project a title and check your letter template. You will be shown how many different placeholders were found in the document.
  • Save and publish your campaign.

Mail merge from the contact overview

  • Go to your contact overview and filter out the desired contacts who should receive the mail merge.
  • Start the action "Send letter" and follow the instructions.

Perform mail merge

As soon as you are in your campaign overview, or have started the campaign, you will see the unfinished job symbol in the left-hand corner. Click on it and you will be taken to the task overview.

In the overview you can now see your print job. Click on Print.


  • Please note that only a maximum of 100 contacts can go into the mail merge at any time.
  • First and last name and full address must be included in the contact. All contacts where this data is not completely filled out will NOT be included in the mail merge.

You now have the choice between a mail merge as a Docx file or as CSV file.

Information: How to create a mail merge using a CSV file in Word is explained here. You can find out how to create a mail merge using a CSV file in Libre Office here.

Click on the desired file type (we recommend docx file) and download it.

All placeholders in the docx file are now replaced. If you had a one-page template and selected 10 contacts for the mail merge, you will now receive a 10-page file which you can print out.

However, first of all you should check the formatting to make sure everything looks satisfactory.

Resend mail merge

  • Click on My Account -> Tasks. Here you can see an overview of your previous print jobs.
  • Search for the desired order and click on Actions -> View history.
  • Here you can see when you created the job and how many contacts are in it.
  • Click on "Details" to generate the print file again.