Create mail template

With the mail merge function (also known as mail merge on Word), you can create individualised letters for your Quentn contacts. Whether it's special offers, invitations or information letters - all this and much more can be implemented with this function at any point during your lead qualification.

You have two possibilities for creating a mail merge on Quentn. Either you start the action via the contact overview, or directly via the campaign. 

What you need in advance, however, is your mail template containing placeholders that should be replaced:

Create mail template

  • Create your template (e.g. in Word, Libre Office or Open Office) and save it as a .docx document.
  • You can use all contact fields that are available in Quentn as a placeholder: From "simple" fields like name and address to your own contact fields.

ATTENTION: The spelling of the placeholders is different from the spelling in the emails! Instead of [Placeholder], ${Placeholder} is used for the border.

So instead of [contact:mail], you have to write ${contact:mail}.

Here you will find an overview of the most important placeholders:


In Quentn (classic editor)

For mail merge

Primary email



Hello xxx



Hey xxx






Dear Mr./Mrs.






Title 2



First name



Family name






Job title






Post code












Street /House number






Date of birth