eTermin is a Swiss online tool that can be used to book and schedule appointments online. The appointment booking assistant also has simple customer management, some market functions, a payment option, interfaces to various applications, statistics to analyse customer behaviour and much more.

You can connect Quentn and eTermin starting from the Basic account.

Connect eTermin and Quentn

To connect both applications, please proceed as follows:

  • Open your eTermin account and click on API Interfaces and API Web Push in the menu on the left-hand side. Here you will find the API keys you'll need.
  • Open a new tab (Ctrl+T or cmd+T) and log into your Quentn account.
  • In your Quentn system, go to Settings -> API Info and click on the eTermin tab.
  • Now click on the green Add account button. A pop-up will then appear.
  • Now fill in the fields. You can find the private API key and the public API key in your eTermin account.
  • Now copy the Web Push URL and enter it in your eTermin account (see images).

Respond to an eTermin event in a campaign

To respond to an eTermin event, use the eTermin event element and drag it into your campaign builder. Double click on it to open.

If you've connected multiple accounts, please select the eTermin account with which you'd now like to work.

Now you can configure the element.

Select the Calendar to which you want to react (if you've created several calendars in eTermin). If you select all calendars, even those that are created in eTermin in the future will be included.

Now specify the Event to which you want to react: newly created appointments, edited or deleted appointments.

Please note: You can only react to Deleted appointments if the appointment was previously created via the "Newly created" or "Edited" events. It doesn't matter whether this appointment was created in the same campaign or in a different one.

If you've created contact fields for the Date, you can assign the appointment to these fields, allowing you to automatically confirm the appointment in an email, for example. To do this, assign the corresponding contact fields for start time and time as well as end date and time.

If you want to save Remarks from eTermin as well, please click on "Save notes". The remarks left by the contact when booking the appointment will then be saved in the notes field of the respective contact.

Now you can select whether you want to use the eTermin Newsletter Checkbox. If you tick this option, the element will only respond to contacts who have clicked the checkbox. If you don't tick this option, the element will respond to all contacts.

Please note: Regardless of whether the contacts have already agreed to receive further emails in eTermin, they'll be created in Quentn as "Confirmed (single opt-in)." A double opt-in is therefore mandatory if you want communicate with the contacts using Quentn.

What you should pay attention to in the campaign

  • All contacts created via eTermin in Quentn receive the email status “Confirmed (single opt-in)." Email confirmation is mandatory if you want to communicate with the contact.
  • If the contact should go through the campaign multiple times, it must be reset for the campaign.