Embed JavaScript in your own site

Integrate JavaScript code snippet into a website 

You can find the JavaScript code in the left menu under "Embedding". Copy this code into your website so that it loads every time a page, which you want to evaluate with Quentn, is viewed. If you have set the "Get approval" option, you will see a further field here with additional JavaScript code. This code causes an overlay to appear at the bottom of your website, where the visitor can check the box and confirm their consent to tracking. It is best to set this JavaScript code immediately after the tracking code. 

Insert JavaScript code into WordPress

To use Quentn's tracking features, you need to include a piece of JavaScript code on your website. This code must be available for every page view which you want to evaluate with Quentn. Therefore, we recommend that you include the code in the header of your website so that it loads with every page view. There are other ways to insert code, but in this example we limit ourselves to a proven method. 

Log into your WordPress installation as the administrator. Navigate to Design -> Editor and then on the right-hand side to Theme Header (header.php). You should see HTML or PHP code in the middle. You should find the following line in the text field: <?php wp_head(); ?> The Quentn JavaScript  tracking code should be inserted after this line, but in each case it must be inserted before the head tag is closed, namely before the following line: </head>. To save the changes, click on Update file