Zapier introduction

Zapier is a US provider that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Quentn campaign with over 1,500 third-party providers. This is useful whenever you wish you to send or receive contact information from your Quentn campaign to or from a third-party provider. 

Example: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a tool that allows you to conduct online surveys. SurveyMonkey provides a simple drag & drop interface that lets you easily create survey forms. Since SurveyMonkey can also be connected to Zapier, you can now easily include the participants of your survey in your Quentn campaign to start an email sequence, for example. 

A list of all third-party vendors that offer a Zapier interface can be found here.


You can easily create a free account at This is sufficient in most cases, but there are some limitations. For example, you can only have up to 5 connections with your free account and you do not have access to so-called premium apps. Paid accounts on Zapier start from about $18 per month and provide extended possibilities such as integrations over several levels (so-called 3-step zaps).

In the connections presented here, we limit ourselves to apps that are already available in a free account. 


Zapier calls individual connections Zaps. A Zap connects two applications, e.g. Quentn and Google Spreadsheets or WooCommerce and Quentn. To create a Zap, you need an account with both providers that you wish to connect. In this case, this would be Google and a Quentn account or a WooCommerce and Quentn account. 

Trigger & actions

Each Zapier application (app) contains a list of available triggers and actions. You can find out which triggers and actions are provided by a Zapier app on the page of the respective app, in Zapier's so-called Zapbook. In short, a trigger generates or sends data. An action, on the other hand, receives data or does something to you. 

The store software, WooCommerce, offers for example the following triggers: 

  • New customer (a new customer was generated).
  • New order (a new order was created).

You can find the Zapbook page on WooCommerce here.

Integration on Quentn

Quentn offers you several integration options with Zapier. For example, you can connect Zapier via the Create Contact action in the Quentn app. This means that the sent contact is created on Quentn, independent from the campaign. Quentn also offers you targeted integration into your campaigns. Two element types are available for this:

Action element Send

With the action element Send, you can send your contacts from your campaign to your Zapier-Zap. This is useful, for example, if you want to preselect which contacts should be sent within your campaign. For example, you could send buyers of a certain product to Zapier. 

Action element Receive 

With the event element Receive, you are able to integrate the contacts sent by Zapier into your campaign. For example, you could send all contacts who participated in a SurveyMonkey survey into an email sequence or cancel an ongoing email sequence for the contact. 

Zap templates

Would you like to get started with Zapier straight away? Then use one of our ready-made Zap templates for your project.