Zapier event element (example)

In this example, we will show you how to transfer contacts from participants of a Google Forms survey to your Quentn account via Zapier. 

Step 1: Create Zap and configure trigger 

The first step is to log into the Zapier website and create a new Zap. As a trigger, select the Google Forms app and select "New response in spreadsheet'. Then connect your Google Forms account and select the survey you previously created. In this example, we consider the survey "Customer service satisfaction survey".

In the field "Worksheet", specify from which spreadsheet the information should be obtained. Follow the further instructions and the trigger will be confirmed. 

Step 2: Create contact

Select Quentn as the action app and choose the action "Create or update contact". 

Step 3: Connect Zap with Quentn 

Now connect Quentn with Zap under "Connect account". A new window will open when clicked on, where you can connect your Zap with your Quentn account. There are two essential values of which you must inform Zapier: the API URL and the API key. You can find both in your Quentn account under My account API info Zapier API. Copy both values into the corresponding fields in Zapier and follow the further instructions. 

Step 4: Create a tag

Go to Quentn and create a new tag. You can do this under the menu item Contact tags. Click on the button "Add tag" and name it, e.g. "Participant survey". 

Step 5: Select fields 

Now return to Zapier. After you have selected your host, you will come to "Set up Quentn contact". You can now transfer a lot of data from the survey. Two things are important: Primary email and Add tags. 

Click on the list icon to the right of "Primary email" and select the corresponding question which asks for the contact. All other fields (Gender, title etc...) are optional. 

In the field "Add tags", select the tag which you have just created. 

Click on "Continue" and "Finish", name your Zap and publish it. 

Step 6: Create a campaign in Quentn 

Create a new campaign in Quentn and drag the event element "Tag changed" to the Campaign Builder. After double-clicking on the element, enter the new tag "Participant survey". The campaign will start for all people who have received the tag. 

Now connect the email confirmation with the previous element so that your new contacts complete the double opt-in process. Contacts who are already in your database will automatically skip the element, so they don't need to confirm their email again. 

You can then start the sequence. Of course, the campaign will not work until you have published it.